Getting Started with Mintlify Docs

Welcome to the Mintlify documentation guide. Follow the instructions below to learn how to deploy, update and supercharge your documentation with Mintlify.

1. Deploying Your Docs Repository

Mintlify docs are rendered from MDX files and configurations defined in our starter template. We use Github to integrate your docs with your code, and make source control effortless.

2. Updating Your Docs

Mintlify enables you to easily customize the style, structure, and content of your docs.

We provide a white-glove migration service as part of our startup plan. Interested? Request it here

3. Supercharging Your Docs

Mintlify supports an array of advanced features like API reference docs, analytics, and versioning to accommodate any of your documentation needs.

All Done!

Congrats! You’ve set up your Mintlify Docs and it’s looking amazing! Need support or want to give some feedback? You can join our community or drop us an email at [email protected].