1. Getting Started
  2. Quickstart

Mintlify is currently in private beta. Sign up on our waitlist to get access.


Basic Configuration

Every Mintlify site needs a mint.json file with the core configuration settings added. You can learn more about the structure of the config file at global settings guide.

Automatic Deployments

Once the files are ready for deployment, you can choose to host your docs from your source control provider. Follow one of the following guides to set up deployment.

  • GitHub Setup Guide

  • GitLab Setup Guide

Open a Public Repo

Create a public repo where you would like to host the documentation.

You can also use a private repo but it prevents users from suggesting changes and raising issues.

Add Files

The onboarding team will provide a zip file with the contents of the documentation. Unzip the file and add the contents into a /docs directory of the repo.

The result should look something like this.

Install the GitHub Bot

Install the Mintlify GitHub Bot using request link provided by the onboarding team. Make sure it’s granted access to the repo with the documentation.

Now, when you make changes to the docs and push them to the main branch, it will automatically deploy to your documentation page!