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    • Mintlify is amazing for us! Even as a small team we struggled to keep up with dev and update the docs on changes. Now the docs are managed as code and are part of the dev process and PR. As an open source project - moving the docs to the repo (with zero effort) also enabled our community to help us maintain and fix problems as contributors. Our devs and our users love it.

      Maayan Salom
      Co-Founder, Elementary
    • Mintlify is great. Super sexy docs with zero effort.

      Mokshith Voodarla
      CEO, Sieve
    • The team is amazing, best looking docs on the market and team is super receptive on feedback!

      Maitham Dib
      Founder at Vital
    • Mintlify is beautiful and the team is amazing to work with :)

      Kartikye Mittal
      Co-Founder, Dots
    • Mintlify did an excellent job of onboarding us onto their documentation and making it zero-cost to switch over from another doc provider. They are super responsive to feedback and have built a beautiful product :)

      Rohan Varma
      Co-Founder, Explo
    • Started with Gitbook, saw the Mintlify demo, never looked back. Our docs are 10x better now. Plus the team is incredibly responsive and proactive. No brainer for us.

      Ian Yanusko
      Co-Founder, Bracket
    • We love what Mintlify has done for our API docs. We're an API-first company, so our documentation is an extension of our main product. We honestly couldn't be happier with how our docs are turning out, and I haven't seen any other companies offering a product even close to Mintlify's. Great work!

      Declan Goncalves
      Co-Founder, Hyperbeam
    • Best docs creator I've ever used.

      Philip Scott
      Co-Founder, Hyperbeam
    • Mintlify is absolutely amazing! Their team has been such a pleasure to work with, and just look at our docs - they look gorgeous! I definitely think everyone should try Mintlify out!

      Vlad Matsiiako
      Co-Founder, Infisical
    • Han and the team set up our documentation extremely quickly and they are BEAUTIFUL. They moved extremely quickly and the product is great.

      Emmett Miller
      Founder at Invezo
    • We've used Redocly, Gitbook, Docusaurus AND Readme and found all of them to be lacking. Mintlify's API reference pages (reminiscent of Stripe's) are exactly what we were looking for. Throw in the amazing support and you've got a documentation page we couldn't be happier with!

      Andrej Zukov-Gregoric
      CEO, Corrily
    • Sleek, extensible, and easy to use - what more could you ask for? I highly recommend checking out Mintlify!

      Zachary Kirby
      Co-Founder, Vessel
    • The docs look beautiful and way happier with the result than any of the other alternatives we checked out.

      Brendan Ashworth
      Founder, Bunting Labs
    • I love how Mintlify made our documentation look 10 times better with minimum effort on our side. We just provided our documentation, and they did all the rest. I highly recommend working with them.

      Torben Friehe
      Co-Founder, Wingback
    • Absolutely amazing! The lovely team Mintlify has converted our ugly and buggy docs into a seamless work of art and we are loving every bit of it so far - keep it up, team!

      Nodar Daneliya
      Founder, Shuttle