1. Development
  • npm

  • yarn

Using the npm package manager

npm i -g mintlify

Previewing Changes Locally

Run the following command at the root of your documentation where mint.json is located. Mintlify will open at localhost:3000.

Running Mintlify
mintlify dev

Custom Ports

Mintlify uses port 3000 by default. You can use the --port flag to customize the port Mintlify runs on. For example, use this command to run in port 3333:

Running Mintlify with a custom port
mintlify dev --port 3333

You will see an error like this if you try to run Mintlify in a port that’s already taken:

Example error message when port is busy
Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use :::3000

Mintlify Versions

Each CLI is linked to a specific version of Mintlify. Please update the CLI if your local website looks different than production.


Here’s how to solve some common problems when working with the CLI.

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