Supported Integrations

Enabling Analytics

Set your analytics keys in mint.json. You can add an unlimited number of analytics integrations for free.

The syntax for mint.json is below. You only need to include entries for the platforms you want to connect.

"analytics": {
    "amplitude": {
        "apiKey": "required"
    "clearbit": {
        "publicApiKey": "required"
    "fathom": {
        "siteId": "required"
    "ga4": {
        "measurementId": "required"
    "gtm": {
        "tagId": "required"
    "hotjar": {
        "hjid": "required",
        "hjsv": "required"
    "koala": {
        "publicApiKey": "required"
    "logrocket": {
        "appId": "required"
    "mixpanel": {
        "projectToken": "required"
    "pirsch": {
        "id": "required"
    "plausible": {
        "domain": "required"
    "posthog": {
        "apiKey": "required",
        "apiHost": "optional"

Mintlify Analytics

We are working on an analytics platform that will help you write better documentation. Contact us if you are interested.