1. Playground Demo


curl --request GET \
     --url https://server.mintlify.com/api/v1/demo \

The message to be used in the query

  "success": true,
  "message": "Hello world"


The API playground is an interactive environment to make requests and preview an API endpoint.

To create an API page, you must set an api or openapi property in the page metadata. See Configuration for more details.

Defining API Parameters

See our components reference for all components you can use to improve your API docs. We will automatically generate all parameter components if you are using OpenApi.

Hiding API playgrounds

You can disable API playgrounds site-wide by setting hidePlayground in your mint.json file. You usually only want to disable the API playground if you have an OpenApi file and want to show the parameters without an interactive playground.

"api": {
    "hidePlayground": true