1. Set Up Analytics
  2. Google Analytics 4

You will need to generate a new GA4 property to use with Mintlify. The data collected will go into the same project as your other Google Analytics data.

If you are using the old version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, you will still be able to generate a GA4 property. GA4 data is slightly different from UA data but still gets collected in the same project.

How to Connect GA4 to Mintlify

Create a Web Stream

You will need to create a web stream to get the Measurement ID to put into Mintlify.

Click the cog at the bottom left of the Google Analytics screen. Then click on Data Streams.

Create a Web Stream and put the URL of your Mintlify docs site as the stream URL.

Your Measurement ID looks like G-XXXXXXX and will show up under Stream Details immediately after you create the Web Stream.

Put Measurement ID in mint.json

Add your Measurement ID to your mint.json file like so:

"analytics": {
    "ga4": {
        "measurementId": "G-XXXXXXX"


Google Analytics takes two to three days to show your data.

You can use the Google Analytics Debugger to check analytics are enabled correctly. The extension will log to your browser’s console every time GA4 makes a request.

Preview links have analytics turned off.