Mintlify Product Update November 2023

Josh Kim

Josh Kim


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In November, we shipped new upgrades to our API Playground, the Web Editor, and our Landing Page.

Here's a detailed look at all our latest updates this past month:

New Landing Page

CLI upgrade

Our old landing page deserved a revamp considering our expanding team, the new features we've released over the past year, and the 1000+ companies that have chosen us to host their docs.

You can learn more about our design philosophies behind the new landing page here.

API Playground Upgrades

We've also made major improvements to our API Playground, including:

No need to do anything! These upgrades will automatically be applied to your playground.

To view these upgrades locally, update your CLI with the following command to view the latest changes:

npm i -g mintlify@latest

Revamped Web Editor

We've been cooking up some major improvements to our web editor.

Now, you can add and delete files/folders, as well as rename them right in the dashboard.

Head over to to try out to see the latest changes.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our October round-up of Mintlify's latest features. Stay tuned to all of our latest product updates, make sure to follow our Twitter. To request any features, let us know in our Slack community.

We have some exciting set of features shipping soon in the coming months!