Launch Week Day 4: API Playground Redesign

Ronan McCarter

Ronan McCarter


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Day 4 of Launch Week brings a redesigned API Playground to your docs.

APIs are notoriously complex, and so are the tools used to document them. And as if creating API-spec-docs-tools weren't hard enough already, imagine the difficulties of building an interactive and user-friendly UI.

Fortunately, our team is always eager for a good challenge. While many existing solutions are cumbersome to use, limited in function, and utterly ancient-looking, our API pages offer a competitive alternative with the help of our API Playground.

We don't stop there. We wanted our API pages to be a standard-setter for the industry—powerful, easy to use, and amazing to look at. So, we overhauled our API Playground with a new and improved design.

We spent weeks considering all the ways customers used our API Playground, taking even the most complex endpoints into account. Throughout the process, our goal was to redesign the Playground as a genuine alternative to an API request tool.

The result?

An upgraded API Playground that handles all edge cases and offers expanded features, including supercharged technical functions, effortless UX, and sleek UI.

Why it matters

On average, half of all active customers use our API pages, of which the API Playground is one of the most important features offered. It allows users to craft API requests and send them from within the browser, without having to open a new window or write any code.

Given the API Playground's role as one of our core offerings, it was our top priority for any upgrade.

Rather than taking a patchwork approach to target individual functions, we took a longer-term solution—completely revamping the API Playground for a new and improved user experience.

Our mission to deliver the best docs-building platform continues, and we are proud to have you all with us on this journey.

What changed

A high-level look at all the improvements we made—

Technical Functionality

  • A wider range of input displays - first-class handling of more complex types such as nested arrays, objects, and mixed types
  • Multimedia response handling - view images and stream audio responses directly in your docs


  • An all-around facelift
  • More accessible and intuitive input field UI
  • Exposing more response data to the user

Getting started

If you use OpenAPI to host your API docs on Mintlify, your docs will be upgraded automatically 😀

We'll be rolling out support for APIs defined with MDX in the coming weeks.

To stay updated for the rest of Launch Week, follow our Twitter or join the community!