Launch Week Day 3: Global CSS

Hahnbee Lee

Hahnbee Lee


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Day 3 of Launch Week brings Global CSS to your documentation.

Custom styling is essential for letting your brand shine through in your docs. With the addition of global CSS, you can now fully tailor your docs however you'd like, including setting global CSS for specific tags (such as h2, p, and img, etc).

On top of that, you can create CSS classes and re-use them in your HTML components.

Available on our business plan, global CSS now enables you to finetune everything from colors to formatting, so you can make the most of your documentation design.

Why it matters

Mintlify docs are built to adapt—they are meant to be flexible when our users need us to be and opinionated when our users don't want to be. This applies to all aspects of our product, including design.

That's why when we started getting requests for CSS customizations, we knew it was a feature we had to add.

Previously, our platform didn't allow many configurations beyond those available in the mint configuration file, which were limited to primary colors. Now, global CSS enables you to alter design, layout, and variations in display for different devices, all with a single style sheet.

From selecting different fonts, to altering button border radiuses, to editing font colors, you can now tailor the design of your docs however you like, so your docs can fit seamlessly into your brand and online presence.

Getting started

To get a preview of Global CSS on your docs, upgrade your CLI with npm i -g mintlify@latest. Then, you can simply add a CSS file into your docs repository. From there, any class names will be available across all of your documentation.

To see your changes in production, we're launching Global CSS in beta with our new Growth plan. As a thank you for being an early user, we're offering a 15% discount for the next year as we release some exciting features in the upcoming month.

Read the docs for more information and contact us to try it out!

Next steps

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