Product Update - February 2024

Josh Kim

Josh Kim


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In February, we shipped wildcard redirects and upgraded our dashboard, tab versioning setup, and more.

Here's a detailed look at all our latest updates this past month:

Dashboard Updates

Dashboard V2 Overview

Ever since we shipped our first iteration of the dashboard, users have provided feedback to improve the dashboard utility and discoverability. That's why we're excited to announce a new dashboard experience. We're upgraded:

  • The navbar to more readily access support, GitHub app configuration, and user management
  • Update logs to see exactly what was changed and the status of an update. Now, when you make an unsuccessful update, we'll tell you exactly what went wrong
  • The experience to toggle between your Mintlify projects to easily manage your deployments

Check out the new experience at

Dashboard V2 Overview

Versioning with Tabs

We now fully support versioning with tab— check out a great example of this setup above with our friends at Frigade.

You can set up tab versioning in your documentation by specifying the version in the mint.json.

  "tabs": [
      "name": "API Reference V1",
      "url": "v1/api-reference",
      "version": "v1"
      "name": "API Reference V2",
      "url": "v2/api-reference",
      "version": "v2"
      "name": "Tabs Without a Version",
      "url": "example-tab"

Wildcard Redirects

A major feature request from our community has been supporting wildcard redirects. Now, you can simply add the following configuration to the redirects section of your mint.json to make that happen.

"redirects": [
    "source": "/beta/:slug*",
    "destination": "/v2/:slug*"

To match a wildcard path, use * after a parameter. In this example, /beta/:slug* will match /beta/introduction and redirect it to /v2/introduction. This will help preserve SEO for the original page when you make architectural changes to your documentation.

CLI Error Detection Upgrade

Dashboard V2 Overview

A common issue when updating documentation in markdown is accidentally introducing errors in the metadata. We now show the position of invalid frontmatter when there are parsing issues during local development.

Upgrade to our latest CLI with npm i -g mintlify@latest to get this latest error detection update in the CLI.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our February round-up of Mintlify's latest features. Stay tuned to all of our latest product updates, make sure to follow our Twitter. To request any features, let us know in our Slack community.

We have some exciting set of features shipping very soon!