Mintlify Product Update October 2023

Josh Kim

Josh Kim


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In October, we brought new feature improvements to our platform, including a new CLI upgrade, improved version stability, multiple frontend and UX improvements with the API Playground, and more.

Here's a detailed look at all our latest updates this past month:

API Playground Upgrades

Since the release of the revamped API Playground, we've made several major improvements, including:

  • Persisting authentication tokens
  • Automatically prepending Bearer for Bearer authentication
  • Adding copy & download buttons to API Playground response
  • Supporting additionalProperties
  • Improving API Playground styling capability with background images

No need to do anything! These upgrades will automatically be applied to your playground.

CLI Error Handling

CLI upgrade

The newest version of our Mintlify CLI is out! Improved error handling allows users to see what pages and lines are throwing parsing errors, allowing for quicker fixes to the documentation.

Upgrade your CLI with the following command to get the latest changes:

npm i -g mintlify@latest

Versioning Revamp

We've also rolled out a significant improvement in the experience of versioning that handles different editions across anchors. For teams with multiple products across different versions, you'll see an improvement to versioning stability. Upgrade to the newest CLI to see these versioning updates locally!

We'll be tackling more complex edge cases with versioning in the coming quarter.

Linking Multiple Repositories

We now allow for users to link multiple repositories to one documentation instance. This feature is available on our growth plan. Contact us if you would be interested in using this feature!

Wrapping Up

This concludes our October round-up of Mintlify's latest features. Stay tuned to all of our latest product updates, make sure to follow our Twitter. To request any features, let us know in our Slack community. We'll see you around :)