Mintlify Product Update July 2023

Kate Chen

Kate Chen


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July brings AI features, autogeneration, and support for broken links to our users. Here's a detailed breakdown of all our latest additions:

Mintlify Chat

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Goodbye, keyword search. Mintlify Chat upgrades your documentation discoverability through a conversational AI search experience. Built with the same technology as ChatGPT, it provides quality and consistent answers to any question your users might have. It's a powerful way to leverage your docs for customer success.

Mintlify Chat is built in partnership with our friends at Inkeep, available to all Mintlify startup plan customers. To learn more about Mintlify Chat, head here.

Mintlify Suggestions

We understand not having designated writers to continuously refine our documentation, which is why we built AI Suggestions.

Powered by GPT-4, AI Suggestions makes improving your docs as easy as clicking a button and provides content recommendations on three fronts: readability, such as text organization; literacy, such as grammar and spelling; and, last but not least, link functionality and user accessibility.

To read more about the feature, click here. Suggestions is available to all startup plan customers on the Mintlify's Dashboard.

Link Configurations

If you've changed any documentation page file paths (and subsequently URLs), we now support identifying broken links and maintaining that SEO you've been building.

Setting up SEO Redirects

You can now easily set up 301 redirects in your mint.json file to maintain and build upon SEO generated from the previous page.

  "redirects": [
      "source": "original/file/path",
      "destination": "new/file/path"

Learn more about setting up 301 redirects here.

Identifying Broken Links

Broken links can be a pain to identify, especially when you update many files at once. We've added a feature to our CLI to identify any broken links in your docs so you can fix them.

mintlify broken-links

Avoid taking your users to dead-ends. Learn more here

Autogenerating OpenAPI Endpoints

Tired of manually creating MDX files for every endpoint? We now fully support automated API endpoint documentation.

npx @mintlify/scraping@latest openapi-file <path-to-openapi-file>

Our Mintlify scraper will create MDX files for your OpenAPI endpoints from an OpenAPI file. Then, simply copy-paste the output of the scraper to easily organize the endpoints in your navigation. Hopefully, this will save you the extra minutes (and braincells) spent manually setting-up your API endpoints. Read more on how to run this command here.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our July round-up of Mintlify's latest features. Stay tuned to all of our latest product updates, make sure to follow our Twitter. To request any features, let us know in our Slack community. We'll see you around :)