Mintlify Chat - ChatGPT Trained on Your Documentation

Han Wang

Han Wang


We are excited to announce that Mintlify Chat - our AI-powered conversational search for documentation discovery - is now out of private beta. Built with the technology behind ChatGPT, Mintlify Chat learns from your documentation to answer any question your users might have.

You might be familiar with the conventional keyword search that offers 10 different suggestions of what you may (or often, may not) be looking for. We saw users struggle to find the solutions they needed - we built Mintlify Chat to reduce that friction and ensure customer success. With a simple and intuitive experience, we can deliver information quickly and effectively.

Eager to see Mintlify Chat in action? Go to, hit cmd + K, and ask away.

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How we built Mintlify Chat:

Ever since Mintlify launched (and perhaps since the beginning of documentation), we've been looking for ways to improve information discoverability. While GPT-3.5 had potential, it lacked consistency and quality, being prone to hallucinations and pulling out misleading or entirely false results from thin air.

The only thing worse than providing no answer was providing the incorrect answer—as it was, our search for more effective documentation discovery would have to wait.

GPT-4 changed all that. While GPT-3.5 would've scored in the bottom 10% of LSAT test takers, GPT-4 is scoring in the top 10%. On top of that, our own test runs have seen a drastic improvement in quality and consistency of answers. With GPT-4, the advancement of intelligent documentation search and discovery has become a reality.

Powered by GPT-4, Mintlify Chat has been made possible through collaboration with our friends at Inkeep. With their partnership, building an AI-powered chat system only required a few API requests. From there, our team fine-tuned all aspects of the chat system, from optimizing product performance to overseeing quality control.

The end result? An intelligent search system primed to deliver the best answers for your documentation queries, each and every time.

Why you'll want Mintlify Chat:

Okay, we get it, you think. It's an AI search function. It gives me answers. What's new?

Well, plainly put,it's powerful, developer-first, and tailored to what you and your users want in documentation—in other words, perfect for answering any question about anything from onboarding and troubleshooting to discovering power user features.

Think streamlined workflows. Think comprehensive, easy-to-use, and what you need right when you need it. You get the gist.

But hey, don't listen to us. See the magic for yourself:

Where to get Mintlify Chat:

Interested in offering Mintlify Chat in your documentation? Sign-up for Mintlify and join our start-up plan to unlock an intelligent search bot in your documentation today!