Launch Week II Day 5: Chat Analytics

Josh Kim

Josh Kim


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Our final day of Launch Week 2 brings Chat Analytics to the Mintlify dashboard 🤖.

After launching ChatGPT for docs last year powered by our friends at Inkeep, we’ve received an overwhelming response on how it has supercharged the search experience, allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for.

AI Chat Analytics takes a step forward by providing more detail on what your users as asking as well as how the chatbot responds.

Now, you can segment chat history by date, manage your AI Chat usage, and find information about how often a specific query appears.

This level of granularity allows you to to see how changes to the documentation are influencing chatbot Q&A.

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Why it matters

The starting point for improving existing technical documentation is understanding where users are engaging or dropping off.

With more detailed insights into the exact questions users are asking, chat analytics allows you to identify common queries and gaps in content.

This provides the launching pad to help you better structure your technical guides and API Reference sections.

Getting started

Chat analytics are available on our startup plan, alongside ChatGPT for docs. Check it out at!

Next Steps

That’s a wrap for launch week! Thanks for staying tuned ❤️.

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