Launch Week II Day 4: Custom JS

Josh Kim

Josh Kim


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Day 4 of Launch Week 2 brings Custom JS to your documentation 🚀.

Available on our growth plan, Custom JS allows you to incorporate custom integrations, analytics, and much more.

Why it matters

At Mintlify, we focus on creating documentation that is opinionated when you’re feeling lazy but infinitely flexible when you need it to be.

Custom JS provides further customizability for imports, introducing ways for you to include additional analytics, user tracking, and integrations with other tools and platforms.

Captions integrated Custom JS to auto-select which tab is shown based on their platform (Android, OS, Desktop). Check out their setup below!

Getting started

To get started with Custom JS, you can add a JS file with any .js file extension to your docs repository. After pushing an update, you should see it reflected in production.

Read the docs for more information and contact us to try it out!

Next Steps

Tomorrow marks our last day or Launch Week 2. Follow our Twitter or join the community to stay tuned for Friday’s release!