Mintlify Product Update August 2023

Kate Chen

Kate Chen


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In August, we brought a range of improvements and expansions to our platform, including our CLI v4, documentation feedback, LateX support, copying headers from mobile, and icon add-ins.

Here's a detailed look at all our latest updates this past month:

CLI Upgrade

CLI upgrade

The newest version of our Mintlify CLI is out! With this upgrade, you can now preview your local changes and enjoy much faster page load speeds (because, like, who wants pages that move slower than me pre-caffeine on a Monday morning).

Upgrade your CLI with the following command to get the latest changes:

npm i -g mintlify@latest

Documentation Feedback

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We take consistent feedback from our users seriously, and so should you. Our new docs feedback configuration allows users to easily indicate whether a page was helpful and suggest edits, creating a direct channel for constructive feedback. With their help, you can better identify new areas of improvement to achieve the best user experience possible. Read more from the docs here.

To integrate our feedback configuration into your docs, simply add the following snippet into your mint.json file:

  "feedback": {
    "thumbsRating": true, // option to thumbs up/down
    "suggestEdit": true, // option to create a PR on the Github repo
    "raiseIssue": true // option to raise an issue on Github

LaTeX Support

We now support LaTeX in our docs. To use them in your interface, use $ before and after your code to convert it into LateX styling in-line. To create LaTeX in its own line, simply use $$ before and after your code. Read more from the docs here.

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Copying headers from mobile

Trying to quickly send an anchored link to your docs? You can now copy anchor links from mobile by simply tapping on the header from mobile. Easy.

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Expanded icon use & icon types

We now support adding icons onto your sidebar group folders, as well as the various icon types available on Font Awesome. Try by adding the iconType to your page metadata or sidebar navigation definition.

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Wrapping Up

This concludes our August round-up of Mintlify's latest features. Stay tuned to all of our latest product updates, make sure to follow our Twitter. To request any features, let us know in our Slack community. We'll see you around :)