Launch Week Day 1: CLI Enhancements

Ronan McCarter

Ronan McCarter


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Today is Day 1 of our first ever Launch Week! This week, we'll have something new each day for our users.

To kick-off, we are introducing our improved CLI.

We now ship a prebuilt version of Mintlify that's ready to run in seconds. Plus, we added a custom hot-reloading implementation to speed up development

What does this mean for you? For one, it means a huge reduction in the size of the Mintlify CLI on your disks—from 1443MB to 152 MB (about a 90% decrease!) — since we now only package the files that you actually need.

On top of that, the upgraded CLI cuts down on installation time by more than 95%, as setup steps are performed before the CLI is downloaded onto your machines. Plus, first load time has been cut down by around 85%, and hot-reload time has been reduced by more than 75%.

Last but not least, we are no longer dependent on yarn, which had been introducing countless variables to the platform and was prone to causing bugs for our users.

Why it matters

The optimal docs-building experience requires a platform with speed and efficiency.

To achieve this, we keep your docs content right in your codebase for convenient access. As soon as you push to Git, changes are automatically reflected in code, so the development process is just as easy as if users were previewing any other code.

The latest enhancements in our CLI has significantly cut down on load times for CLI installations, first loads, and hot-reloads on save, boosting load speeds up to 10 times faster than before.

With massively decreased load times, you can now leverage a smooth and powerful platform that is ready to run whenever you are.

Getting started

Upgrade your CLI with npm i -g mintlify@latest to get the latest CLI To stay updated for the rest of Launch Week, follow our Twitter or join the community!