Top AI Tools For Developers in 2023

Josephine Cheng


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You’ve probably heard much about the groundbreaking potential of AI to impact the world 10 or 20 years from now, but did you know it’s already deeply affected software development? AI has catalyzed a slew of developer tools that empower us to work smarter, increasing day-to-day productivity and accelerating code cycles.

There are endless ways AI will ultimately affect developer efficiency, from autogenerating your docs to autocompleting your code. Even better? These are all tools that are already accessible to developers. Saving time and increasing bandwidth with AI are within reach and ready for you to try.

With all the options out there, deciding where to start can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and researched the best AI tools for you. Here are my top picks:


Best for documentation generation and management

Product Overview

Mintlify is a documentation platform that brings a suite of AI tools to help you communicate better with your users. Setting up the docs is effortless and easy to use since it transforms simple MDX code into sleek customer documentation.

Beyond that, Mintlify also leverages AI powered by GPT-4 to not only make your documentation more searchable, but also improve the content. It saves valuable time for your team by generating clear and precise documentation for your SDKs, APIs, onboarding guides, etc.

Key Features

  • AI-powered chat search - Makes the content of your docs more discoverable and easy-to-locate for users
  • AI-enabled Suggestions - Optimizes your documentation building process by using GPT-4 to offer line-by-line content recommendations
  • Autogenerates API documentation - Saves time by autogenerating well-structured and comprehensive documentation for your API endpoints

Join us or log in to optimize your docs with AI today.

Github CoPilot

Best for assisted code writing

github copilot demo

Product Overview

Like its namesake, using Github CoPilot is just like having a co-pilot writing your code with you. Powered by OpenAi CodeX, an AI system developed by OpenAI and trained on diverse multi-source data, Github Copilot auto-generates and auto-completes code snippets, allowing users to focus on creating larger scale solutions instead of spending their time caught in the nitty-gritty. With this tool, developers can code faster and work more productively.

Key Features

  • Real-time code suggestions - Accelerates your coding process. Write your code as usual, and CoPilot will offer auto-complete suggestions for your code based on project context and style conventions.
  • Prompt-based code suggestions - Takes the brunt work out of coding. Tell CoPilot what you would like to build in natural language, and it will autogenerate code suggestions for you across dozens of languages.

To enhance your coding process, try out Github CoPilot with a free trial.

Deepcode AI

Best for codebase quality control

deepcode ai demo

Product Overview

Deepcode AI is a powerful tool that catches potential bugs, vulnerabilities and flaws with machine learning technology. To deliver high accuracy, secure, and hallucination-free code, Deepcode AI utilizes several machine learning models in addition to security-specific training sets drawn from millions of open source projects.

Compatible with all programming languages, Deepcode AI is quick to spot errors and irregularities in your code, before they can cause any problems. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes review your code while you write it, so you can write better, more reliable code and create higher quality software, all while cutting down on time and effort.

Key Features

  • Automatic code scanning and analysis - Streamlines your coding process by automatically detecting potential errors or security issues in your codebase early in the software development process.
  • AI-powered coding suggestions - Boosts your coding productivity. Leverages AI to quickly provide insightful recommendations on how to correct your code and what to write next.

Learn more about how you can optimize the quality of your code by booking a live demo or signing up to try out their free trial.

Adrenaline AI

Best for codebase understanding and insights

deepcode ai demo

Product Overview

Adrenaline AI is a developer tool which allows users to query their codebase or project via an AI-powered chatbot, rather than relying on the inefficient process of manually crawling through documentation. It’s like having an expert consultant at your side at all times, providing you with all the answers and insights you need to understand any codebase.

Key Features

  • AI assistant - Cuts down on time spent searching for answers by delivering insights, such as how something works, where something is implemented, and even how to debug an error—quickly and efficiently.

Talk directly to Adrenaline AI’s assistant to get insights on your codebase today.

Best for automatically managing technical debt

deepcode ai demo

Product Overview is a powerful developer tool that leverages AI to simplify the time-consuming and tedious work of maintaining your software and keeping it up to date. With the help of GritQL, an intuitive query language for altering code with static analysis, and AI, autogenerates pull requests to fix your technical debt, including migrating your code and adapting them to the conventions of your codebase. even comes with a number of pre-built migrations right out-of-the-box, detecting common sources of technical debt and allowing you to manage them with a few clicks. Using this tool, you can complete migrations up to 10 times faster, freeing up time to build the software that you want.

Key Features

  • Automate code migrations and dependency upgrades - Cuts down a significant number of hours that would have been spent on maintenance.
  • Integrated feedback - Improves software development efficiency. A built-in radar automatically detects regressions in your code and automates best practices.

To start migrating your code on autopilot, access a free demo or sign up.


AI continues to make innovative developer tools within reach, from autogenerated documentation to AI-assisted coding. These top 5 AI tools for developers are a great place to begin. With them, you can save time, boost coding productivity, and optimize the quality of your code—ultimately accelerating the development of your software projects.

Not that I’m biased (I am), but if you had to pick one platform to start with, I recommend Mintlify. The key to customer success for a developer tool is not just in the product itself, but also in its documentation. Mintlify helps you and your team achieve just that—by building docs which are well-designed, well-written, and optimized for your customers’ user experience.

Get started with us to build documentation that converts users today.