6 Best Software Documentation Tools in 2023

Josephine Cheng


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Quality software documentation goes a long way.

For developers, software docs do wonders for knowledge transfer and team collaboration, and are critical for making software development processes more efficient.

By serving as a single source of truth, quality docs help developers understand a software’s architecture, design, and functionality. When bugs or issues arise, well-written docs make it easier to update, maintain, or debug your software without introducing errors.

Why software documentation is essential

Docs support the development cycle at all stages, from onboarding developers to writing code to quality control to providing a roadmap for future developments.

For end users, software documentation can act as the face of your brand and your product—they are the first thing prospective customers see when considering whether to try out or adopt a software.

By communicating information about your product, docs help users understand how to interact with your software to find the solution they need, reducing customer friction and streamlining user experience.

In short, investing in better docs is one of the most direct ways to grow customer conversions.

How to achieve best-in-class software documentation

High quality documentation, however, is not an easy thing to create or maintain. The process is often time-consuming, mundane, and draws away developer-hours that could be spent working on core projects.

Thankfully, there are a number of tools which do a great job of reducing the time and effort required for building docs, while still delivering a seamless developer and user experience.

To get started, here’s are 6 software documentation tools that you should try:



The Product

Mintlify allows you to better communicate with your customers by transforming simple MDX into sleek and user-friendly customer documentation. It’s effortless to use and comes with a powerful suite of features, including AI-powered chat search, line-by-line content suggestions, and API endpoint autogeneration.

Mintlify emphasizes developer experience by keeping your docs where you work - in your code. All the content is generated through simple MDX files, and everything else is rendered for you without any set-up cost. There’s more: Mintlify offers out-of-the-box analytics and a wide range of supported analytics integrations; built-in interactive and visual components; plus a beautiful interface that can be custom designed to reflect the look and feel of your brand.

To top it off, the platform automatically optimizes your docs pages for SEO and accessibility, so you can focus on creating the docs you want. Mintlify will take care of the rest.

Key features

  • Design-forward - Mintlify styles your docs to be beautiful, all while staying highly-organized and accessible to users. Full customization allows your brand to shine through.
  • AI-enabled - From GPT-powered chat search that makes your docs content more discoverable for users, to detailed recommendations for improving the quality of your content, Mintlify leverages AI to help you build better docs.
  • Autogenerated API documentation - Uses OpenAPI files to autogenerate well-structured and comprehensive API endpoint documentation, all while reducing hours spent.
  • Interactive components - Offering dynamic cards, graphics, code blocks, and API playgrounds, Mintlify ensures that users can actively engage with your docs and your product from Day 1.

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Document 360

Best for live collaboration on API docs

Document 360

The Product

Document360 offers a comprehensive knowledge base solution that allows you to create documentation for a range of use cases, including technical documentation, API documentation, online user guides, and product help docs.

The platform prioritizes content management: from a state-of-the-art category manager, to dual editor modes, to collaborative customization functions, to a drag-and-drop UI interface that allows you to easily rearrange content categories and subcategories.

Last but not least, Document360 comes with advanced analytics functions, making sure that you can track your current and prospective customer journey every step of the way.

Key features

  • Dual editor interface - Built to match your use case. Use Markdown editor for writing text heavy documents and a WYSIWYG editor for those who prefer that functionality. Both enable you to add text, links, code blocks, videos, images, callouts, and more.
  • Category manager - Provides a clean and structured hierarchy for you to organize and display content. Makes your site easier to navigate for your customers.
  • Integrations - Integrate with a range of popular apps, including ticketing systems such as Zendesk, or chat systems such as Intercom or Drift.
  • Advanced Analytics - Stay in the loop with where your docs traffic is coming from, what your visitors are looking for, and how they interact with your content.

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The Product

As one of the oldest software docs tools on the market, Atlassian’s Confluence empowers teams to build, organize, and work together from anywhere.

It improves knowledge management by centralizing information, boosts project collaboration with coordinated planning and decision-making, and allows you to connect your work across teams. Perfect for remote-first workspaces.

With Confluence, you can skip building from scratch and instead draw from countless ready-made templates for every docs use case you may encounter.

The platform supports a wealth of integrations, including with other Atlassian tools such as Jira and Bitbucket, making sure that you can continue to bring the speed and depth you need to your work.

Key features

  • Collaboration-first - Users get to take advantage of numerous functions, such as user permissions, commenting, notifications, and co-editing to ensure content quality and correctness in your docs.
  • Organization - The platform is organized categorically. This page tree structure enables advanced search, making it easier and faster for customers to find relevant information.
  • Templates - No need to reinvent the wheel when you’ve access to all the content templates that Confluence has to offer. They come built-in with content best practices, so you can rest assured you’re delivering an optimal user experience to your customers.
  • Integrations - Popular apps such as Microsoft Office, Slack, and Trello are all accessible here, so you can work however you work best.

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The Product

As a household name in the software development landscape, it is no surprise that Github also offers web-based documentation.

You can either opt for the main Github wiki section, or you can use Github pages, which provides hosting, a custom domain, and one free wiki page for you to build and maintain your project docs. To create modern and appealing docs pages, simply combine Github Pages with platforms like Jekyll.

Key features

  • Convenience - Quick and intuitive to pick up if you’re already using Github for software development.
  • Audience access - Provide easy docs access to your users by hosting your content on the same platform as your projects.

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The Product

Nuclino is a platform that takes knowledge organization and project management to the next level. Its razor focus on a clean and simple interface, speed of user experience, and creating a single unified workspace are all vital to building better docs.

Nuclino has much to offer: multiple views for each task or workflow, including board and graph views; collaborative interfaces with full access to contextual materials such as notes, embedded files, and assigned tasks; and a powerful search system with flexible filters to locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Key features

  • Content-first - Work with either the Markdown or WYSIWYG editor based on your preferences. Bring your content to life with creative assets such as images, links, code blocks, embeds, files, and tasks. Use workspaces and clusters to organize your content.
  • AI-assistant - Meet Sidekick, your AI-powered assistant that can handle all kinds of tasks in seconds, including writing drafts, summarizing notes, and brainstorming ideas.
  • Integrations - Keep everything in sync by connecting your favorite apps, with over 40+ integrations to choose from.
  • Scaled plans - Nuclino offers a wide range of plans, from startup to enterprise wide, to best fulfill you and your teams’ needs.

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Wrapping up

With any of these tools at hand, you can now achieve top quality software documentation.

You’ll be able to deliver optimized experiences to your users, from when they first consider your product, to when they onboard, to when they set up your product’s API in their own software—all while cutting down on time and effort spent.

Not sure where to begin? Try Mintlify.

Mintlify builds beautiful and comprehensive docs, with a range of functions including AI-enabled chat search and autogenerating API endpoints. It is effortless to set-up, easy to use, and features a fully customizable interface that can be tailored to reflect your brand.

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